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Phone Systems

TST offers 3 different phone platforms to fit the needs of your company. Digital systems that require no extra wiring, IP based systems that use regular network cable and an all in one solution that works great for small to medium businesses. Check out those options below.


TROY simplified technologies is proud to be an NEC Certified Partner.  Our certification allows TST engineers to offer many different communication solutions specific to your application.



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Digital Systems

Our digital systems offer the quality of digital voice without the need for network lines. This system allows you to use your normal phone lines and get crystal clear sound at the same time.

With all the perks of an IP phone system, a digital system is a cost effect way to step into a 21st century phone system.



IP Systems

Our IP based system can be tied into your PRI, POTS or SIP Trunks. Each phone takes a network cable and doesn’t require the traditional phone lines. One advantage is that you can omit running traditional phone lines in new offices and host a network based system only.

Call us today to assess your network and take advantage of the perks of an IP based system.



All in One System

We offer an innovative network/phone system. This solution requires a single piece of hardware to control a phone system, while also functioning as a network router, wireless router, email system, network server, and network firewall.


The inherent efficiencies of the TST system allow for a 50% reduction in network cabling and infrastructure. This system also uses Voice over IP technology, which offers the customer long distance call rates as low as 1.5¢/min.